Patch Work Carpet

Had a forced sort out today thanks to the acquisition of  a good enough amount of free carpet that mean’s there is now a 99.7% carpet or rug floor coverage which has made a big difference to the comfort and look.

Nearly 360° photo panorama of inside the workshop.

Must put a really big shout out for what has been acquired  over the last few weeks, mean’s that the workshop is now pretty well fitted out.

twm says thanks to this skip

Couldn’t of done it with out this guy above.

The red carpet came out of the skip too.

One Year In The Workshop

It’s been 1 year in the workshop, how things have moved on.
Some very large images below but worth the load wait.

2016 for TWM was actually a lot of fun in this big horse box, got a good selection of work done, lot’s of fresh inspiration and new idea’s, some sour points but they don’t matter now and a good list of projects that will be coming in 2017.


Workshop/Studio/Gallery is looking very good, still plenty to be sorted out.