Brand –

TWM has been busy  starting and building a new brand that really epitomizes  what we are all about. It is something that we have a lot of energy for and, well, a passion for too.

Still in the very early stages at the moment but is already attracting a good number of visitors, buyer’s and contributors and gives us a great deal of scope to really showcase all of the services that we can offer and  has already given us plenty of idea’s on new services  for the future.

“It’s safe to say we’re  getting a lot of inspiration from a certain T.V. show and the larger than life person that front’s said show, always pushing faster for the next big thing and being as loud as possible about it”.

Looking forward to  getting some of the idea’s produced and pushing thing’s much further afield  than the H.Q.

Client, Motoring Artist

Client Build – #4


The new website build is now live at

Unframed Prints are available in the shop now and we will be adding framed print options very soon.
There is still a certain amount of development going on but everything that is available should be functional.

Will be interesting to get the current fan’s views and suggestions.

Client, Motoring Artist

Client Build – #3

Moving along nicely, all current product images now sized and formatted, new e-comm package installed and building a run through for the client.
Currently transferring current 2014 theme build to new 2015 theme that has a lot more functionality built in and better cross browser / screen resolution responsiveness.
Hoping for Mid Nov 2015 Launch.



Information page added that starts to cover what we offer and how we offer it.

Information Page

It’s been a turbulent few weeks but things are progressing forward well and at a good pace. Hopefully the setbacks are behind us!
We have work and we are flat out getting it done which is fun, not shy of hard work here 🙂 .

New image work added and a fun idea in the works for the background video.