The Weekend Media Can create a wide variety of unique items to help promote you or your business.

Signage, Clothing, an Online presence, Flyers, Stickers, Cards,
All following the same unique custom branding to ensure that your business identity has a certain flow and consistency.

I will be flexible with whatever your requirements, weather you want 1 or 100, I will always create what you want too 100% of both our satisfaction.

The Weekend Media is owned and operated by Sam Weston.
Over the years I have picked up many different skills and in 2016 I was able to locate to my own bespoke workshop.

Clothing Printing

Screen Printing – Water Based
By using water-based screen printing inks, I can offer a more eco-friendly printing technique that is a great option.
It offers a unique finish that is always one of a kind. Only single colour designs.
CAD Cut designs over screen mesh.

Flex Vinyl Printing/CAD Cut Flex Vinyl
Flex Vinyl printing, or Cad Cut  Flex Vinyl printing as it’s also known, is very similar to transfer printing, it’s suitable for designs which consist of one or two colours. The process involves cutting out your designs, logos, shapes, names or numbers from a special flex vinyl material. The designs are cut using a plotter.
It enables one or two colour designs and logos to be printed very quickly.

Flock Printing
Flock printing can be achieved by using flock vinyl which gives the design a 3D ‘furry’ finish. This flock material can be cut-out and applied to many different products. The beauty of flock printing is that it can be applied to the complete design or separate elements within your design to give this individual element a 3D effect which helps it to stand out above the rest.

The flock printing process is the same as vinyl printing where the design is cut-out using a plotter and applied to the product using an industrial heat-press.

Dye Sublimation
Sublimation printing is the process of putting your own designs onto a special, transferable transfer paper which is then heat-pressed over the top of the garment and the design is transferred onto the product. This printing technique allows for full-colour designs to be printed very quickly.
Sublimation printing only works on 100% white polyester garments which makes it the perfect printing technique for running tops, vests, shirts and any other polyester sports clothing that requires a soft print finish.

Sign Writing

CAD Cut Vinyl
I can produce simple one colour stickers all the way to high detail multi colour logos and decals, simple and detailed hanging signs for pavement and wall’s and I have a wide range of ideas for vehicle signage.

The process involves cutting out your designs, logos, shapes, names or numbers from a special vinyl material. The designs are cut using a plotter.

Sign Writing can be a unique and striking solution to promoting your business, service or product, with impact and style. Even the smallest amount of vehicle graphics and branding can act as a moving advertisement, reaching a vast audience and making a lasting impression.

I can Design, create and innovate all types of signage and branding solutions.

Website Design & Hosting

Website builds are the bread and butter of The Weekend Media and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating something unique and that works best for the application.

I have been building on the web since 2000 and have built up a good understanding of what applications best suit a wide range of requirements.

From simple static websites to fully theme built wordpress installations.

Graphic Design

A pretty loose term these days as it can mean so many things but these are the types of area’s that I can create for your business / charity / organisation.

  • Posters and Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Adverts
  • Calendars
  • Cards
  • Business Cards

And a variety of other things as well