Welcome to The Weekend Media’s little slice of the InterWebs. Safe to say that we really enjoy creating a wide range of design related products.

The workshop is a general creative playground where something is always being created and if the sign is out the workshop is open for visitors, there is an ever growing collection that sort of makes it a gallery as well, donations always welcome.

This is basically a big brochure showing the public service’s that we offer.


Signwriting – Machine cut sticky back vinyl that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Garment Printing – From traditional Silk Screen to ultra modern sublimation.

Websites – From simple static sites to full custom theme wordpress installs.

Sign Writing

From simple one colour stickers, to high detail multi colour logos and decals, to simple hanging signs and a wide range of ideas for vehicle signage and a whole lot in between we can produce and apply it all.

Sign Writing can be a unique and striking solution to promoting your business, service or product, with impact and style. Even the smallest amount of vehicle graphics and branding can act as a moving advertisement, reaching a vast audience and making a lasting impression. We can Design, create and innovate all types of signage and branding solutions.


We can now offer a variety of finishes when it comes to garment customization.

Ink Screen Print give’s a rustic look that can come out slightly different each time and has a certain charm, can also be used on pretty much any type of material.

Machine Cut Garment Film’s have a very clean and consistent finish and can be added to most materials.

Sublimation printing has a very high quality finish and can be pretty much anything that can be printed on a piece of paper but can only be printed on certain materials.


Website builds are the bread and butter of The Weekend Media and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating something unique and that works best for the application.

We have been building on the web since 2000 and have built up a good understanding of what applications best suit a wide range of requirements.