Workbench #1 Side Shape

Nice weird E

First workbench frame is together, really like the side shape, really like how it should work.
Get to recycle some pvc/rubber tiles on a foot step, store things flat like card, paper and canvas, house cutting matt’s, house electronic print/cut devices and more.
Bracing too add but principle idea is good.
Once covered will look really good.

Nearly New Wall

TWM Unit 8 Re-Build - New Wall Frame
don’t stare

Timber has gone to good use, new room and ceiling height done, some partition’s and ceiling frame still to do, first bit of plasterboard up even if small.
6 days to get this far in, pleased with the achievement and can now spend some time on the detail’s, before the plasterboard goes up.

Timber into Frame

100 pieces of timber now sit in the workshop for the full wall’s frame and some extra partitions and things .
All about making work more efficient and possible and making a space of my very own.
Week coming up soon to get this done before the plaster board turns up.

Re-Build Plan’s Approved

Plans to changes to internal structure to Unit 8 have recently been approved.
Given the weather so far this year it has taken much longer to get to the warm dry to give the box a chance to heat up and dry out as much as possible before the timber and board start’s going up.
Timber is on the way now so the frame will start going up soon, well planned as to how to put it all together, can’t wait to start putting everything together and documenting.