Brand –

TWM has been busy  starting and building a new brand that really epitomizes  what we are all about. It is something that we have a lot of energy for and, well, a passion for too.

Still in the very early stages at the moment but is already attracting a good number of visitors, buyer’s and contributors and gives us a great deal of scope to really showcase all of the services that we can offer and  has already given us plenty of idea’s on new services  for the future.

“It’s safe to say we’re  getting a lot of inspiration from a certain T.V. show and the larger than life person that front’s said show, always pushing faster for the next big thing and being as loud as possible about it”.

Looking forward to  getting some of the idea’s produced and pushing thing’s much further afield  than the H.Q.


One Year In The Workshop

It’s been 1 year in the workshop, how things have moved on.
Some very large images below but worth the load wait.

2016 for TWM was actually a lot of fun in this big horse box, got a good selection of work done, lot’s of fresh inspiration and new idea’s, some sour points but they don’t matter now and a good list of projects that will be coming in 2017.


Workshop/Studio/Gallery is looking very good, still plenty to be sorted out.

Als Vape Mods, Client

Client Build – Als Vape Mods #2

Bit of work done, bit of work to do.
One big project being worked on right now.
OiNK535 helped with the background on the header and some on the current project.

Facebook – Als Vape Mods

Face book Group Header.

Als Vape Mods - Road Side Hanging SignWonastow Road Side Hanging Sign.

Als Vape Mods - Bumper StickersBumper Stickers.

And of course…….
Als Body Vape Mods KeyringsThe Key Rings!!!


Workshop Pop Art Wall

1/8th of the workshop wall getting stickered up with a pop art theme base, a couple of oinks and shenanigans here and there.

Something that will be built on, almost like a mashup wall.

Some Branding  added, some to add.


TWM – Trolley Wrap #1

Old Poster Skull Stencil Trolley Wrap,
A great canvas for a sticker mash up,
This is not the last time this trolley is going to be featured on this website.
With Many Poster’s Comes Great Art.

Should be fun covering,
Got plenty to cover with 🙂 .